Thursday, May 14, 2009


packed my bags and we've moved to c u all there soon!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

only in 3rd world countries :D

As we were driving to the factory (Cibitung area), we saw a very interesting view of 2 over loaded trucks! They're hilarious!  We wouldn't dare go near it as it was leaning very much to the left (as if it was READY to fall over - and we wouldn't be surprised if they did!) whenever the truck hit all those deep asphalt dents and whenever the road turned :s...they were finally stopped by a road patrol hahahahahaha.

super delicious soy bean snack

I LOVEEEEEEEE this snack!  My aunt from Singapore always buy them everytime she comes to's SUPER delicious :) and "healthy" too ;) hahahahhaa

loving this smock dress shop

Last week, at Ursulin Bazaar, I stumbled upon a wonderful little stall which sold beautiful smocking dresses.  I've been looking for good quality smocked dresses with nice cotton materials.  The dresses remind me of my dresses when I was a kid.  My mom loves smocked dresses, I guess that's where I got my obsession from.  This place has it all :) It's called pretty stitches.  I bought 2 dresses for Emma at the bazaar, but turned out they're too big (they're for 3 years old ;p).  So, today I've finally visited their store in Prapanca (I've passed by this place many times before and been wanting to stop by before, but to no avail).  Their shop is small but lovely and they're currently expanding the shop to accommodate more spaces.  

They also sell these pretty cross stitched gifts and of course pretty dresses.  I ended up buying another dress for Emma and ordered 2 more dresses for Emma and a baptist dress for Em's soon-to-be little sister.  One of the custom order dress for Emma is similar to the front display, only in white and another one with sheer-like material.  Can't wait to see them :D.   They're also accepting smocking craft order, such as little pouches with smocking craft...very cute :)

Pretty Stitches
Jl. Prapanca Raya No. 35
Phone: 7247362
I believe they're open Monday-Saturday
Closes at 5pm on M-Th and 3pm on Sat (call to check)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

our new addiction

Last week we went to Bandung and my mom took us to this noodle place in front of the Rainbow Outlet at Jl. Sukajadi No. 168-170. The noodle wasn't the best but their strawberry juice was sooooo yummy! So, mom's cousin who lives in Bandung told us that the recipe is very simple, strawberries, condensed milk and water. I've tried that recipe and tastes delicious...Em loves it :) so does's what I use:

8-10 frozen strawberries (keep those fresh berries in freezer)

3-5 tbsp condensed milk (according to taste)

1 glass of cold water

blend everything together and it should make 2 glasses + 1 small glass for Emma :)

From there, we then go to Rumah Mode at Jl. Setiabudi No. 41F and I found some great maternity clothings and they have my size too! (I could not fit into Indonesian maternity clothing...even when I'm not pregnant! so go figure! hehehe)...tried finding some oilily brand, but I guess I wasn't as lucky as babyape :) Francis found some great A&F, Burberry and CK polo shirts and he kept asking me if the price is correctly labeled hahahaha. Found some skirts for Emma too :) so, overall very happy.

From there, I took home some Mie Rica (simply LOVE this noodle!!! they'll give you the oil and raw noodle so it will stay fresh), it's at:

Jl. Kejaksaan no. 7, they also have an outlet at:

Komp. Taman Kopo Indah III ruko F2 as well as another outlet at: Hyper Square Pasir Kaliki B-70

After that...we had dinner at Dunia Baru at Jl. Gardujati No. 39 and we ate this crab-like soup with noodle on the inside...simply beautiful :) but you have to eat it there, else it won't taste so good :)

After all quite hungry now...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Nowadays, since I have so much materials I purchased from my father's friend (he owns a fabric factory), instead of using wrapping paper, I just sew these little bags (like what I did to Em's goodie bag).

goodie bags

The goodie bags were nightmares.  I asked for a specific design of Barney on it, but the store decided they knew better and added theseextra wordings! thus making the whole mug looked too crowded! so annoying! I didn't even ask them to do anything to the mug! I was too lazy to argue, though, so I just let it be.  And currently I am into making those little lunch box bags...they're so fun to make...I must say though, I did horribly at my sewing and I know people will notice...the was my first time and I managed to make these little bags...26 of them! then I put a thick yellow drawstring to finish them off...somehow I didn't take picture of the finished product...