Wednesday, November 14, 2007

annoying eczema

So..being Francis' daughter...Emma is bound to be allergic to many things :( I took her for her 4 months immunization the other day and dr. Lineus told me that her nose block might be caused by allergic reaction, which was triggered by her flu! So he gave her anti-histamin which also clears her skin eczema (apparently caused by her saliva and many other things) and He suggested to use Mustela cream...and asked me to apply some advantan cream for a few days then continue with my existing protopic cream, which apparently is mild enough for baby's skin. I've tried so many creams for Emma but so far, I think Mustela is quite good because it's quite moisturizing and has a lot of water content too....he also suggested hydrolotion (need to google it)...I HATE ECZEMA!!!!! :(

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Huey said...

Huh Hugh has the same problem!!! His skin surrounding the mouth area is always red, and now his neck and chest too! I am using 3 creams - Seba Med special healing cream, aromababy barrier balm (from Australia) and California baby calendula cream (from US). None of them can really solve the problem :(