Thursday, November 22, 2007

love singlets

I love these fitted singlets by Bonds. When I was in Brisbane, since it was winter when Emma was born, the midwives used to tell us to put on a layer of singlet underneath Emma's shirt. I bought Bonds singlets for Emma and I really like them, they're very comfy and the material is light and cool, perfect for Jakarta's weather. So, when Em's grandparents went to Brisbane last week, I asked them to buy some more for Emma, since she could no longer fit into her old ones :)

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Huey said...

Wow Bond has baby's clothing??? How cool... Ya their cotton is very good, should be great for babies :) My Hugh is wearing Mangga Dua cloths, nice and cheap at home, haha... Seriously babies don't need many nice clothing, cos usually the nice ones are too hot to be worn at home, and they hardly go out so Hugh has many new cloths that he hardly get the chance to wear! What a waste... So if got guests come to the house i will wear those new cloths for him, haha.